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Lost (Doctor/Aldesia)


"You don’t…even recognize your home world?" she asked stunned at this for a man with a tardis. "How can you not tell when you are home? surely your tardis at least tells you" she walked forward and climbed the stairs to where he had landed. "You still haven’t told me who you are sir?" she asked walking towards his tardis. She looks at it frowning at the strange shape, colour and the words on it. "Why does your tardis…look like this?" she asked wondering.

"I’ve been away," he said, irritably. Not long enough, either. “They’ve changed the decor a bit, too. It’s all some of them have to keep themselves entertained.” He’d been on his way for a nice visit to 22nd-century London, having arranged Sunday dinner with Susan and Alex. Instead he’d found himself dragged right across the galaxy without so much as a by-your-leave.

"Hmm?" he looked over at the girl as she inspected the TARDIS. She seemed inoffensive enough, with a certain youthful energy and enthusiasm about her. Probably never left the Citadel. A bright young thing just like he used to be. But he wasn’t of a mood to be trusting. Whenever the Time Lords saw fit to manipulate him, it always meant there was some dirty work to be done. "Oh, the chameleon circuit packed in centuries ago. I told you, I’m the Doctor. and you?"

partingoodfaith says: "Good morning, Doctor.



"Ah, Nyssa!" the Doctor looked up from his breakfast, an open volume of The Mysterious Island propped up on the table in front of him. “I didn’t realise you were up.”

"We’re not exactly from around here," she replied. "I’m Nyssa and this is the Doctor."

The girl smiled. “My mother says we should be nice to the angels. Would you like to come to the town fair? There’ll be other angels there.”

"That sounds very nice," the Doctor smiled, his curiosity piqued. "What do you think, Nyssa?"

From the sound of it, he and Nyssa weren’t the only off-worlders around. And if “angels” were starting to appear, he strongly doubted their arrival here was just a coincidence. Whatever force had seized the TARDIS earlier, had it beeen its intention to bring them here all along?

In which case, had he led them both into the lion’s den?

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          “You don’t look so bad yourself.” Clara twists one of her curls around her finger one last time for good measure, shooting the Doctor a small smile upon landing. When he’d said the words ‘costume party’ earlier, it was all downhill from there; it’s a bit silly, she knows, but she won’t lie — one of her favorite bits about traveling with the Doctor is that every now and then, Clara gets to dress up for the occasion. She feels like a little girl again when she gets to, doing up her hair and makeup, only sometimes she gets to put on an actual authentic dress from the eighteenth or nineteenth century from the TARDIS’ wardrobe.

          “You’re pretty fond of that waistcoat, aren’t you? I’d say you might be a bit nostalgic yourself,” Clara teases lightly, raising her eyebrows as she gathers her skirts and heads for the door. “If the year is 23-something, I’m a bit surprised we’re still throwing parties and dressing like we’re from the 1800s — would’ve thought we’d be in spacesuits or something by now.”

"Well, I suppose we’ve all got our old habits," he chuckled. His hands glided over the controls, bringing them in to land. A final thump and a slight shaking of the console room confirmed their arrival.

"Didn’t you ever go to fancy dress parties when you were little?" he grinned, bounding ver to join her at the door. "I love a bit of fancy dress. Now, Ray Harryhausen, there was a man who knew how to throw a Halloween bash."

The Red Glacier leisure resort sat on the side of Phobos facing the planet: a network of domes connected by tunnels, forming an image like a snowflake. Mars had been terraformed by humans at this point in its history, with the other moon, Deimos, converted into a miniature, perpetually-burning sun to heat the planet. One of humanity’s first and most-enduring off-world engineering achievements.

"Do you think they’ll be doing the Hokey Kokey?" he asked eagerly, skipping out of the door of the TARDIS. "It’s been far too long since I went to a proper knees-up."

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"Tha’s the dress, Doctor," Her accent catching a bit, pointing at the top, "This is my shirt underneath it."

"Oh. Well, I’m sure you can make it work," the Doctor said offhand, circling the TARDIS console. "Is this all you asked me here to talk about?"

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Lost (Doctor/Aldesia)


She stared at this strange occurrence and then she dashed behind a potted plant. She knew this was, for a better use of the word, moronic as he had seen her. She blushed furiously at how stupid she was! she was a recent graduate what was she hiding from exactly?

She eventually stood out again looking humiliated “Who are you?” she asked looking up. She was surprised to see how young he appeared but then again he could be in any incarnation. She herself looked only 20 in human years. “Why did you materialize here?” she asked tilting her head.

He raised his eyebrows, watching the young woman try to conceal herself. He felt a twinge of secondhand embarrassment when she gave up the ghost.

"I’m the Doctor. And where exactly — oh, no.” It hit him as soon as he saw her. A Time Lord could always tell another of their kind, a tugging awareness at the edge of his awareness. And coupled with the architecture of this place being so familiar… “Oh, this is Gallifrey, isn’t it?”

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The twelfth doctor is the best kind of rude.

He’s like if Sherlock and House had a baby.

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but only in the form of haikus

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I see so many people getting mad about Listen, like “what so there was no monster wtf” and “but what was under the blanket damn you Moffat”, but…

Am I the only one who feels like that was the point? We don’t know for sure that there was no monster. Because whether there was, really, is irrelevant. The real threat was the Doctor’s own fear and the lengths it drove him to, almost getting himself sucked out of an airlock because he was so consumed by his need for answers. Basically it’s like Clara said: “it doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed, or in the dark, as long as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it.” It doesn’t matter if it was a monster or just some asshole kid under the blanket. We’ll never know, and that’s okay.


but seriously

"Zagreus at the end of days, Zagreus lies all other ways, Zagreus comes when time’s a maze, and all of history’s weeping"

that’s literally clara. When she’s touching theta’s head like that, they’re not going to see someone trying to comfort them, they’re going to see literally everything that zagreus is supposed to be, standing over them in the dark. No wonder they fixated on the ‘dream’ so much

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I’m gonna do replies and some startes after work tomorow, hopefully. Tumblr is being a dick and not letting me reblog anything.

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